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About Lake Travis

An Unforgettable Stop in Austin

Lake Travis, located just 23 miles from Austin in the picturesque Texas Hill Country, is more than just a body of water; it’s a vibrant hub of recreation, relaxation, and natural beauty. Stretching over 65 miles and boasting a surface area of nearly 19,000 acres, Lake Travis is a reservoir on the Colorado River in central Texas. It’s renowned for its clear, blue waters, stunning limestone cliffs, and an array of activities that attract visitors from all over. Here’s everything you need to know about Lake Travis and why it’s the perfect destination for your next adventure with Captain Verde’s Party Boat Rentals.

The Formation and History of Lake Travis

Lake Travis was formed in 1942 with the completion of the Mansfield Dam, which was built primarily for flood control, water supply, and hydroelectric power generation. The lake is the largest of the Highland Lakes, a chain of six reservoirs formed by dams on the lower Colorado River. The construction of the dam transformed the landscape, creating a beautiful and essential resource for the region.

Over the decades, Lake Travis has evolved into a premier recreational destination, known for its crystal-clear waters and the stunning backdrop of the Texas Hill Country. The lake’s history is intertwined with the development of the surrounding communities, which have grown and prospered alongside this magnificent body of water.


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Captain Verde Wake Surfing with his niece
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Recreational Activities on Lake Travis

Lake Travis is an accessible paradise and the place to be for outdoor enthusiasts. Its expansive waters and scenic surroundings offer a plethora of activities for visitors of all ages. Here are some of the most popular recreational activities you can enjoy on Lake Travis:

  1. Boating and Sailing
    • The calm, expansive waters of Lake Travis are perfect for boating and sailing. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice boater, the lake offers ample space and stunning views. Captain Verde’s Party Boat Rentals provides a fleet of well-maintained boats that are perfect for any occasion, from intimate family gatherings to large parties.
  2. Fishing
    • Anglers will find Lake Travis to be a haven for fishing. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including largemouth bass, catfish, and sunfish. Whether you prefer fishing from a boat or from the shore, Lake Travis offers plentiful opportunities to reel in a big catch.
  3. Swimming and Water Sports
    • The clear, refreshing waters of Lake Travis are ideal for swimming, especially during the hot Texas summers. In addition to swimming, the lake is a hotspot for water sports such as jet skiing, wakeboarding, and paddleboarding. The numerous coves and inlets provide calm waters perfect for these activities.
  4. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
    • For those interested in exploring beneath the surface, Lake Travis offers excellent scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities. The lake’s clear waters and interesting underwater terrain, including submerged structures and natural rock formations, make for an exciting diving experience.
  5. Camping and Picnicking
    • The shores of Lake Travis are dotted with parks and campgrounds, offering plenty of spots for camping and picnicking. These areas provide stunning views of the lake and the surrounding hills, making them perfect for a relaxing day out or an overnight adventure.

The Natural Beauty of Lake Travis

Lake Travis is renowned for its natural beauty. The lake is surrounded by rolling hills, limestone cliffs, and lush vegetation, creating a picturesque setting that attracts nature lovers and photographers alike. The varying water levels of the lake can reveal dramatic landscapes, including hidden coves and underwater features that emerge during periods of lower water.

Wildlife is abundant around Lake Travis, with a variety of bird species, deer, and other animals frequently spotted along the shoreline. The lake’s environment supports a rich biodiversity, making it a great place for nature enthusiasts to explore and observe.




Lake Travis Communities and Amenities

The communities around Lake Travis offer a wide range of amenities and attractions that cater to both residents and visitors. From charming small towns to upscale resorts, the area provides a blend of tranquility and modern conveniences. Some of the notable communities around Lake Travis include:

  1. Austin
    • As the state capital and a vibrant cultural hub, Austin is just a short drive from Lake Travis. The city offers a wealth of dining, entertainment, and shopping options, making it an ideal complement to the natural beauty of the lake.
  2. Lakeway
    • Lakeway is a thriving community located on the southern shores of Lake Travis. Known for its excellent schools, golf courses, and luxurious homes, Lakeway also offers a range of recreational facilities and parks.
  3. Spicewood
    • Located to the west of Lake Travis, Spicewood is a rural community known for its wineries, scenic landscapes, and outdoor activities. It’s a great place to experience the charm of the Texas Hill Country.
  4. Volente
    • Volente is a small village on the north shore of Lake Travis, known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful lakefront properties. It’s a popular spot for boating and water sports.
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Dining and Entertainment

The Lake Travis area is home to a variety of dining and entertainment options. Whether you’re looking for a casual lakeside eatery or an upscale restaurant with stunning views, you’ll find plenty of choices. Popular dining spots around Lake Travis include:

  • The Oasis on Lake Travis: Known as the “Sunset Capital of Texas,” The Oasis offers stunning views of the lake and a diverse menu. It’s a perfect spot for enjoying a meal while watching the sunset over the water.
  • Beachside Billy’s: Whether you come by land or by water, Beachside Billy’s provides the perfect spot to enjoy a fabulous meal in a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Shack 512: Located right on the water, Shack 512 offers casual dining with a menu that includes burgers, seafood, and more. It’s a popular spot for boaters and visitors looking to relax by the lake.

Events and Festivals

Lake Travis hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating the vibrant community and the beautiful setting. From music festivals to boat parades, there’s always something happening around the lake. Some popular events include:

  • Lake Travis SpringFest: This annual event features live music, food trucks, arts and crafts, and family-friendly activities. It’s a great way to kick off the spring season.
  • Lake Travis Lighted Boat Parade: Held during the holiday season, this festive event sees boats decorated with lights and holiday decorations cruising the lake. It’s a fun and festive way to celebrate the holidays on the water.
  • Wine & Swine Festival: This unique festival combines wine tasting with delicious pork dishes, offering a fun and flavorful experience for attendees.


Lake Travis is a gem of the Texas Hill Country, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and community spirit. Whether you’re looking to relax on the water, explore the great outdoors, or enjoy the vibrant local culture, Lake Travis has something for everyone. Captain Verde’s Party Boat Rentals is proud to be a part of this wonderful community, providing unforgettable experiences on the lake. So come and discover all that Lake Travis has to offer – your adventure awaits!

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